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Coaching :

INTEGRAM offers two types of coaching services:

Linguistic coaching is based on the customisation of the standard training workshops. This personalised approach provides you with a precise and relevant response to the specificity of your individual needs, for example when your are preparing a presentation in a foreign language or when you will be participating in an international meeting where the working language is not your native tongue.

The concept of coaching covers both the preparation phase:
You prepare with the help of the consultant the foreign language presentation you are going to make, rehearse the delivery and work on those points which prove to be problematic.

And the follow-up phase where you analyse with the consultant how things went and define the actions to be taken to improve your performance in the future.

In collaboration with the organisation Cognoscenti, INTEGRAM offers more general career management coaching services for managers working in the generally bilingual context of multinationals.

  On-going Mentoring Service
for Mid-ranking Managers


You manage a service or department, or you are a project manager, an assistant divisional manager or a junior vice-president.
Your company has confidence in you and in your ability to hold down a job with more responsibilities… a more important job.
Your daily workload leaves you with little time to think about your career future. In addition, you lack a sounding board in the shape of a person in whom you can confide what you next want to achieve and what is your ultimate ambition.
You propose that your company, to keep your career on track, sponsors a series of sessions with a “mentor” – an impartial expert with whom you will be able to explore issues and challenges which relate to your career progress.

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  "Career Strategy" Workshop

You are experienced manager, aged 35 to 40.
Within 12 months you will have been in your present job four (maybe even five) years. So it’s high time to take stock of your work achievements and to plan how you will advance in your career.
This entails thinking through what to do next, reviewing your own strengths and your current limitations and planning for promotion.

For this essential task of devising a personal strategy, you need access to people who can provide relevant counselling to help you construct a realistic career project for yourself.

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