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INTEGRAM Language Training -
   A Different Way of Learning
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As a preamble, a remark ...

In recent years, language teaching has undergone enormous progress. Learning methods have been updated and modernised, colour and pictures have been added. New media have been created thanks to new technologies. First there were multimedia modules and now there is e-learning.

But these developments have not changed the basic principle of teaching: a certain theoretical body of knowledge has to be mastered and, subsequently, put into practice.

This site describes the elements of a
thoroughly different approach.

In this approach, the traditional notions of level improvement and of a subject matter to be mastered have been abandoned.
This approach takes as its starting point …..
YOU, i.e. what you use the foreign language for and what you will have to do with it.
In this approach,
YOU are at the centre of the training. We call this approach :

Task-oriented Language Training
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Language Training Workshops :

  "International Meeting" Workshop
What you need to know about the language of meetings

You occupy a managerial position, your job has an international dimension.

You are often called upon to :

  • participate in international meetings, or even conduct them,
  • give an oral summary in English (as a foreign language) of projects you are managing,
  • exchange, discuss ideas,
  • find solutions through teamwork in a multinational context ...

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  "Give a Presentation" Workshop
Give your presentation the impact it deserves

You occupy a managerial position, your job has an international dimension.

You are often called upon to :

  • make a presentation in English (as a foreign language) of the situation of your firm, your department,
  • present projects, accomplishments,
  • comment on slides ...

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  "Trade Show Preparation" Workshop
Present your company, products or services

You occupy a managerial position, your job has an international dimension.

You are often called upon to :

  • present your company, products or services to foreigners,
  • discuss in English of the benefits resulting from your technology,
  • participate in international exhibitions and fairs ...

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  "English for the Anglophobic" Workshop
Put an End to Deep-Rooted Blocks


It is possible to teach only to those who want to learn. This seems obvious. However, as regards language teaching, there is also a corollary too frequently forgotten: only those who think they can learn want to learn.

"English? I studied it as my first foreign language, for some six or seven years. But I wasn’t interested in it. I wasn’t a dunce, but almost. Later, I studied it at the university, but since then, I haven’t used it at all. In any case, I never managed to speak it, and understanding it is even more of a problem . Let’s face it. I have a block ..."

Typical talk, and, unfortunately, all too frequent. And when mastering English becomes a necessity, for one’s current work, for a job being considered, for a career... What’s the solution? An immersion program in England? In the United States? An option often chosen. But in other circumstances, would you try to fill a bottle before taking off the cap?

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  "French as a Foreign Language"
A Different Way of Learning French


To enable participants to improve their capacities of expression and comprehension in French, the teaching will focus on 4 axes:

  • activation of passive knowledge,
  • development of grammatical structure automatisms,
  • widening of the vocabulary,
  • acquisition of idiomatic expressions.

Just as you learn the walk by walking, so you learn to communicate by communicating.

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  A la carte Customised Training
for Senior Managers


You occupy a top managerial position. Your management of daily events as well as emergencies results in a schedule that is both full and irregular. Your English requires improvement in certain areas, or you need from time to time assistance in the preparation of a presentation or a report. In spite of these observations and of your intentions, your workload does not allow you to follow courses regularly and assiduously. As a result, you don't do anything.

As a remedy for this situation, we propose :

A la carte Customised Training for Senior Managers

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Training Agreement (Information for French Companies)

The firm INTEGRAM is registered with the Ile de France Prefecture as a training organisation.
A training agreement between INTEGRAM and the client company will be drawn up for all training programmes specified in this website.