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Translation services :

INTEGRAM offers translation services from and to all European languages, as well as from and to the main languages of Asia and the Orient. With extensive experience in a wide range of industrial sectors and supported by a team of highly qualified professional translators, INTEGRAM has both the competence and the resources to take on translation files in numerous disciplines: advertising, business, culture, economy, finance, industrial equipment, information technology, high technology, legal documents, management, medicine, pharmaceuticals, human resources, etc.

What makes us different

Some fifteen years ago, to ensure the quality of its services, INTEGRAM set up a quality management system concerning its translation activity. We were granted ISO 9002 Certification in 1999 and a second certification at the end of 2002 according to the new version of the ISO 9001 standard.

For our customers, this certification is a guarantee of quality.

For us, it translates our commitment to providing our clients with accurate, rapid, irreproachable service. We handle all requests according to a clearly-defined and coherent set of translation and control procedures. This ensures careful, methodical and professional translation of your document and guarantees that the specifics of your sector and the particularities of the target language and culture will be taken into account.

The cost of our services

As the cost of a translation may vary considerably depending on the various factors involved (source language, target language, deadline, volume, nature of the document, related services...), we prefer to provide a specific cost estimate for each document or each dossier that is to be translated. Consequently, unlike many members of our profession, we do not quote on a per word, per line or per page basis.

Examining the document prior to translation allows establishing the most honest cost estimate. It also enables us, on the one hand, to activate among our source materials the bibliographic references that will be placed at the disposal of the translator and the corrector and, on the other, to schedule the translation of your document by our most competent translator in your specific field.

Our estimates are final and clearly define the services to be provided, costs and deadlines. They ensure that there are no surprises, either for you or for us.

If the document is confidential, a confidentiality agreement will be drawn up prior to receipt of the document for which a cost estimate is being requested.

INTEGRAM translation budget is calculated on the basis of the various phases involved in a translation assignment:
  • translation per se of the document concerned
  • verification of the translation by a corrector (therefore, by a person other than the translator) in terms of content as well as form
  • verification by a specialist, if the nature of the document so requires eg. by a lawyer for contract translations, by a doctor for medical translations
  • final verification of the file prior to delivery
The rigour of these procedures of verification and correction guarantees you:
  • conformity of the deliverables with the purchase order
  • quality and accuracy of the translated document
  • savings in time, our document being usable on delivery.
Should you compare an INTEGRAM translation budget with those of other service providers in the field, you will discover in all probability that our prices are neither the lowest nor the highest on the market. They may, however be the most economical, since the in-house costs in time and resources that are normally incurred for the control and correction of a translated document will be minimal, if not to say non-existent.