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Presentation :

INTEGRAM was founded more than twenty years ago by a Franco-American team of education and communication professionals. From its initial vocation as a provider of English Language training programs to French companies, INTEGRAM has developed and diversified its activities. Today, INTEGRAM provides a range of foreign language services to a corporate and small and medium-sized business clientele, both in France and abroad.

These language services revolve around 4 main axes:
  • Foreign language training
  • Translation
  • Editorial services
  • Coaching


INTEGRAM designs and implements company-specific extensive or intensive language training programs and offers a range of specialised thematic workshops, particularly for upper management, in the main European languages.
has developed a sophisticated needs analysis methodology which is implemented both in the preparation of company-specific programmes as well as in the auditing of existing programmes.
has regularly been requested by software and book publishers to participate in the development of pedagogical materials for language training purposes.


INTEGRAM offers translation services from and to all European languages, as well as from and to the main languages of Asia and the Orient. With extensive experience in a wide range of industrial sectors and supported by a team of highly qualified professional translators, INTEGRAM has both the competence and the resources to take on translation files in numerous disciplines: advertising, business, culture, economy, finance, industrial equipment, information technology, high technology, legal documents, management, medicine, pharmaceuticals, human resources, etc.

INTEGRAM has obtained quality certification under ISO 9001, version 2000 for its translation activity.

Editorial services:

INTEGRAM offers a range of editorial services. Whether your needs concern a single or multi-language in-house newsletter, a speech or scientific paper to be given at an international symposium, or the creation of slides to support a technical presentation, INTEGRAM will bring relevant know-how and broad experience in intercultural communication to your project.


The coaching services offered by INTEGRAM are of two types: linguistic coaching is based on the customisation of the standard training workshops. This personalised approach offers the client a precise and relevant response to the specificity of his/her individual needs.

On another level, in close collaboration with COGNOSCENTI,
INTEGRAM offers more general coaching services focusing on career management within multinational firms.